Revit to Blender - Creates Duplicates in Blender

Please help upon making changes to revit model and sending it and receiving it in blender, Dublicate of the same model is created.


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Hi @Pankaj_Prabhakar

Please could you describe more about your workflow and expectations; what steps I need to take to reproduce what you’re seeing, and the behaviour you’d want from our Blender connector in these cases.

Firstly I send the revit basic sample project to speckle then I receve that model in Blender And after that I made some changes in revit and send it again to speckle. Now when receive this new updated model in blender, it becomes dublicate like last received model and the new updated model. They both are in th blender after receving.

I have refered to the tutorial present on speckle website and proceeded as same as discribed in the Video.

I am using Revit 2024 and Blender 4.0.

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Hey @Pankaj_Prabhakar,

That is interesting. We haven’t tested that workflow in Revit 2024. Can you please provide the Speckle model URLs so we can reproduce the issue on our end?

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Hey @gokermu

Any updates regarding my isssue?

Thank you for providing the input we requested to investigate your issue. Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand how to improve Speckle.

I want to be transparent about our development process. Given the vast surface area of Speckle, immediate testing and implementation of specific changes across the entire platform is challenging. Our team is dedicated to ensuring any updates meet our high standards for all users, which means a careful, phased approach is necessary.

We’re actively reviewing your problems and will incorporate them into our testing cycle where feasible. However, immediate changes specific to individual workflows are sometimes beyond our current capability.

We’ll keep you updated on progress and any potential timelines for implementation. Your involvement is greatly appreciated, and we’re here to support you as best as we can.

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I have also tested with same version of Revit and Blender as used in the video but its also not working.

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Hey @Pankaj_Prabhakar ,

Just to clarify, you’ve tried using the exact same versions of Revit and Blender from the video and still ran into duplicated models, right?
Could you kindly let me know which versions of the Revit and Blender connectors you used? We want to get to the bottom of this and make sure everything is running smoothly for you. Thank you so much for your help!

Hey @gokermu
I am using Revit 2022 and Blender 3.1.2

@Pankaj_Prabhakar can you confirm what version of the Speckle Connectors for the apps you were using, thanks.

Hey @jonathon
I have used 2.16 and 2.17 both.

Oh, why?

Why not 3.6 LTS (?) stable or even Blender 4 official ?

@zoomer does an upgrade to 3.6 help @Pankaj_Prabhakar with his issue?


There can be many reasons why not to upgrade, plugin support is one of them at least

Hmm, this is weird. We have used 2.16 version in the tutorial. I’ll test this tomorrow morning and get back to you @Pankaj_Prabhakar . Thanks for your patience!

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I have no clue but higher numbers are better ?
Was just kidding,
but I think that beside new features, it is likely that more of older long
time bugs are meanwhile fixed also. As Blender costs are neglect-able,
not updating and go with current versions must have other reasons.
Also I would expect that Speckle concentrates more on more recent Blender
versions for their Speckle Support.

I just wondered as 3.1 is back quite some time.

But I take back my 4.x recommendation, as the files are no more compatible
for exchange with older versions.

I could imagine, if Blender 3.1.x was also already an LTS version and
e.g. working on a long time project (Film, Game, …) keeping the project in
the same (LTS) version and not migrating to the newest is a very pragmatic
and professional decision.
Or maybe with hardware limitations an older version may be better.

My personal experience with OSs or Apps is that I risk mostly working
with Betas or even Alphas and have less problems with these than with
matured release versions that already have 4-6 Service Packs/.x numbers.
But that is no recommendation or professional behavior …
As I am on Apple Silicon I also want the latest versions to finally get full
Apple ARM support for my Apps.

Hi @Pankaj_Prabhakar!

I was able to reproduce the error you reported🥹. Since it’s nearing the end of the year, most of our team members are currently away enjoying the holiday season. We will definitely get to the bottom of this once everyone is back. I promise to keep you updated on any progress we make, so you’ll be in the loop the whole time.

I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this issue, and I want to thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve it.


I have used them but they also not working?

No, Upgarding Blender as well as Revit didn’t help.

Hi all, I got the same problem. Waiting for the solution. Thanks a lot!