Revit - Speckle - ETABS: Walls with openings

Hi Speckle Team,

I am having trouble with sending analytical wall surfaces from Revit 2023 to ETABS. Walls with openings are skipped in the ETABS receive step. See snips below:

Analytical surfaces sent from Revit:

Received in ETABS

Revit: 2023
Revit Connector: 2.13.3
ETABS Connector: 2.13.3

Am I missing something in the workflow? I believe openings in analytical surfaces are now supported with Revit 2023?


cc: @AlexHofbeck

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We also tried it with the newest rc version of the connectors with the same result

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Is this something that used to work for you and no longer does?

Hi @jonathon

Unfortunately not. This dates back to this post: ETabs 20.3 and Revit 2022 Interoperability issue - #9 by bjoernsteinhagen. However, we thought with Revit 2023 and the latest connectors, walls with openings would be included.

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@bjoernsteinhagen This must have flown under the radar; I’ve added it to our backlog and we’ll keep you posted on the progress!


Awesome! Thanks Matteo :slight_smile: