Revit - Speckle - ETABS: Walls with openings

Hi Speckle Team,

I am having trouble with sending analytical wall surfaces from Revit 2023 to ETABS. Walls with openings are skipped in the ETABS receive step. See snips below:

Analytical surfaces sent from Revit:

Received in ETABS

Revit: 2023
Revit Connector: 2.13.3
ETABS Connector: 2.13.3

Am I missing something in the workflow? I believe openings in analytical surfaces are now supported with Revit 2023?


cc: @AlexHofbeck

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We also tried it with the newest rc version of the connectors with the same result

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Is this something that used to work for you and no longer does?

Hi @jonathon

Unfortunately not. This dates back to this post: ETabs 20.3 and Revit 2022 Interoperability issue - #9 by bjoern. However, we thought with Revit 2023 and the latest connectors, walls with openings would be included.

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@bjoern This must have flown under the radar; I’ve added it to our backlog and we’ll keep you posted on the progress!


Awesome! Thanks Matteo :slight_smile:

Hello dear fellow Specklers,
is there any update on this matter? As ETABS is mostly used for core wall analysis (global stability) and as core walls usually have doors and openings etc. the connector is not yet useable in practice. We don’t have pressure to use it, but allowing for openings would lead to using the connector for projects. As we currently don’t have employees who are firm with the ETABS API we are currently not able to do it ourselves. Would be great if you are able to squeeze this into one of your next releases :slight_smile:. Would help to increase the usage of the structural connectors (not just on our end but in general).


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Hey Alex, we’re looking at Revit<>Revit wall openings as we speak and will definitely try to squeeze ETABS<>Revit support as part of 2.16 - thanks for the ping!


Good news, @connor has figured out a solution and it’ll come in 2.16 :slight_smile:

Nice Nice! Thank you guys :slight_smile:. As soon as it is released as a pre-version, I will give it a run on one of our projects!

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Hi guys,

according to your Github the ETABS openings should be in the newest wip. I tried it out and it still leaves the walls with doors/windows/mep openings out from receiving in ETABS :frowning:.

For example the blue wall.

In case you want to have my model on, please let me know. Besides that Speckle had an issue sending this analytical geometry from Revit … not a nice geometry for sending though

The physical floor slab pendant worked … only the analytical did not want to go through the ether.

This is more the topic of trying it out … not an actual project with pressure.


maybe as an addition … before these curved beams were polygonized and actually !curved by design!, Speckle had issues showing these curved analytical beams in the webviewer.

Thanks for early testing @AlexHofbeck , it looks like we need to iron out some kinks before the official release. Could you share the model with us please? Just drop me a DM with files.