Revit - Speckle - ETABS mappings and levels and grids


Sending data into Speckle from Revit looks all good in the speckle web viewer. But when I receive the data in ETABS I can’t seem to find a way to map the elements. Also, how are the grids and “storeys” handled. Do these need to be pre-configured?

Any help, would be much appreciated.


Hello @BIM_Wash

Currently there isn’t any mapping availible in the ETABS connector. However, it is still heavily under development and element mapping is high on the list of priorities.

There is support for creating stories on receive, but only if the stories originated from ETABS in the first place. We are not turning Revit levels into stories. Would this be a useful feature for you?


Thanks Connor,

Great to hear the ETABS connector is under heavy development.

Element mapping similar to CSIXRevit would be essential IMO. An equivalent of Section 2.0 of the CSIXRevit manual would be ideal, as it is a bit of a guessing game at the moment.

CSIXREvit manual


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