Revit > Rhino - Column baselines

Hi all,

When sending Revit columns to Rhino, it seems that it is sending the “Analytical Column” baseline rather than the BIM baseline? If there are structural walls with analytical model in Revit turned on, Revit automatically shifts the wall and column baselines to line up.

When sending the Revit to Rhino, the column baselines are all offset accordingly, but I thought it should be the BIM element baseline being sent rather than the analytical model baseline? We can fix it by turning off the analytical model for the adjacent walls which is fine for this instance but may not be ok in other cases.

Is it working as intended, by sending the Analytical baseline rather than BIM model element baseline?



Appreciate if anyone from Speckle devs can advise

Hey @George , apologies, this slipped through :sweat_smile:
@connor from our team is the best one to reply to this question, he’ll be back early next week!

In the meantime, we’d love to hear a bit more if you can share about your specific use case, as we’re trying to make Speckle more useful for structural workflows.

I’m also curious as to why the analytical lines are diverging from the BIM ones, is this common / good modeling practice? I would have assumed not, but I don’t have experience here :slight_smile: