Revit 2d import Enhancement

Speckle should also access the 2d sheet and drawing info in the Revit model. This would include all the 2/3d model and annotation geometry is placed in the model plans, sections and elevations, dimensions and annotations

suspect that if you ask anyone who is involved in detailed design and production information… the 2d ‘drawing’ information is a firm requirements.

All BIM apps like Revit, ArchiCAD etc all rely on providing large amounts of additional 2d information that is not in the 3d model. The 3d models would get too heavy otherwise.

Also, from a contracting point of view, it is always the 2d drawn information that is binding. The 3d info is advisory when it comes to any discrepancies.


Thanks for the feedback @dseah and welcome to our community!

We totally agree with you, our approach here is 3D-first, 2D information will be in the future retrievable easily from the 3D one. Same for all the annotations, dimensions, views etc
Our next step on this front is support for 2D markup in our viewer, something we’re currently working on - so please stay tuned!


Cheers! It would be good not to leave for too long. The is a market opportunity here as most of the BIM apps seem not be able to do this… currently. Even the collab review apps like Revitzo etc I think ArchiCAD is one exception.

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