Revit 2d import Enhancement

Speckle should also access the 2d sheet and drawing info in the Revit model. This would include all the 2/3d model and annotation geometry is placed in the model plans, sections and elevations, dimensions and annotations

suspect that if you ask anyone who is involved in detailed design and production information… the 2d ‘drawing’ information is a firm requirements.

All BIM apps like Revit, ArchiCAD etc all rely on providing large amounts of additional 2d information that is not in the 3d model. The 3d models would get too heavy otherwise.

Also, from a contracting point of view, it is always the 2d drawn information that is binding. The 3d info is advisory when it comes to any discrepancies.


Thanks for the feedback @dseah and welcome to our community!

We totally agree with you, our approach here is 3D-first, 2D information will be in the future retrievable easily from the 3D one. Same for all the annotations, dimensions, views etc
Our next step on this front is support for 2D markup in our viewer, something we’re currently working on - so please stay tuned!


Cheers! It would be good not to leave for too long. The is a market opportunity here as most of the BIM apps seem not be able to do this… currently. Even the collab review apps like Revitzo etc I think ArchiCAD is one exception.

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Viewed the vids for the new Automate functionality at this years SpeckleCon.

This would be a good test case for Automate, and candidate for a OOTB feature.

  1. One stream for each plan, section and elevation?
  2. Write x,y,z and rotation transforms as a script that allows GH to import the DWGs or Xref the Blocks in their correct orientations.

On the topic of markups in 2D views, the Rhino Viewer does it really well I find:

And you can save the views to then click to revert back to them.

Hi Katherine,

Just to make sure we are not talking past each other: I am not referring to markups but the 2d plan, section geometry and annotation that Revit packs into its Drawing views.

AFAIK, Rhino can not import Revit rvt or any content in the Drawing views. So I am not sure Rhino Viewer can help at all.

Yes,. I have been experimenting with this,. Should be a way to drop CAD files (Similar to IFC) into the Speckle and have the ability to receive them in Revit,.

PDF capabilities similar to Markups would be great also
I use MarkupX that actually can place it inside revit with the comment so I can see in revit in the actual sheet/model,.

This should be a no brainer to AutoDesk but,. idk,.
A connector for Bluebeam to enable this workflow would be greatly useful for all AEC since PDF is the main way communication is done for Shops, Owner interactions, Genral Contractor Interactions,. and no real way to keep good track of these things

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Welcome to Speckle @Eric_Schoepfer

2D is not our focus right now. All the arguments are true of 2D drawings being the artefact of record in AEC; we’re just not there yet. When we get as solid as possible with handling transactional conversations with 3D data, perhaps we’ll tackle other areas. Hopefully, you can appreciate our focus on eating the elephant one bite at a time.

That said, we encourage other vendors to embrace connectivity with Speckle themselves, and we are having more and more conversations on those lines.

Since 2021, the replacement API for Bluebeam has been “Coming Soon,” and all other integrations have been frozen, so I suggest you speak to your Bluebeam account manager to express interest in Speckle connectivity there.

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Wow,. what a fast response,.

I get it with the 2D
BUT I DEMAND Miracles from such an innovative group.
:slight_smile: Teasing,.

I will reach out to BlueBeam and make a grievance to include Speckle integration with the software.

Perhaps in the interim can Speckle provide an “Overlaid Comment” within the revit model? Currently I believe it only sort of orients your view to the area the comment is made in the Speckle viewer.

And thank you for ALL of the innovation you guys are providing and working on,.

“2D drawings being the artefact of record in AEC”

2d should be a first class citizen as far as information is concerned. One of the oversights of IFC implementation.

" elephant" and Bluebeam. Yes, it would be good for others to help but Bluebeam is pdf.

Revit can already export dwgs. Its just a separate process. What is missing is that it loses the positioning and orientation of the drawing planes when it exports the drawings.

So, it would be great if Speckle Connector could be used to add this info in when exporting the dwgs.

Plans: this would just be the z-elevation of the cut plane? Not an elephant in terms of coding?

100% here with you on this; no amount of Geospatial requirements from a client could wrestle located plan information from Revit practitioners without also providing a lot of guidance. (fun-fact it is possible, if the wind is in the right direction and the project was set up “just-so”)

It is not a forever no.