REST api calls question: GET works but POST fails

Hi, I am new with Speckle and trying to get understanding what can be done. More interested first in nodejs/javascript side which probably means a lot of investigation work ahead :slight_smile: Testing REST calls and faced problem with POST. All GET calls works ok - I get object and array of objects from Tekla model. I do have token for reading and writing streams but for some reason only reading works.
Here is my token scope which should be correct in my understanding:

Using vscode extension “REST Client” in testing.

There seems to be similar question Upload object with REST API does not work. Still some questions about this answer to 6211. If id needs to be a hash from body I can not use e.g. postman for testing? POST request needs to be done by coding if body changes. Is that really so that parent objects need also to be updated when posting a new child object? In my opinion this should be taken care by the framework. Makes REST api otherwise a little bit difficult to use without knowing quite much about the structure of the model on server side. Am I totally wrong in my understanding?

I understand your POV but uploading objects and having the server manage serialisation is not something we support right now.

When you make a change to a Speckle Object (of whatever flavour) it is now a new object. Everything is immutable on the server.

If you take a look at the Excel connector which gives the most direct edit experience outside of host applications - this too makes the REST calls AFTER serialisation.

So, for now, you are correct, you can’t make data writes purely in Postman.