Receiving Very Large Model To Sketchup

I am trying to receive a large model from Revit to Sketchup. But I am successful at all.

Is there way to speed up the process.

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Hey @Tmr ,

Can you share the problematic file with us so we can debug it?

Hi, sure thing, how do i give you access to the file?

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You can upload it here or any other file sharing service. And share its link either here or in a DM.

Hi there, sent an invite to the model, to see if you can Receive it in sketchup.
Thank you

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Hey @Tmr ,

Thanks for sharing the model. This is a fairly large revit model and we never stress tested our Sketchup connector. Looks like Sketchup connector times out. I tried receiving same model in Rhino and after waiting long enough, it received successfully. I’ll create an issue for this and I’ll let you know once we fix it.

A while back, I was looking at a super large revit project (totalling ~20GB across 15 or so files)

Back then, we were able to apply some fixes to our connectors, server, and SDKs to get this working. In the end, we were able to get this huge model to send from Revit, and receive in Unreal engine. Albeit, it was very slow.

In Unreal (Like skp, it a connector that doesn’t use any of our SDKs), we switched from requesting all objects with 1 API call, to using many in parallel, since I was getting responses that exceeded the ~2.5GB limit of char arrays.

Perhaps something like this is needed in our skp connector also…

Let me know if you’d like a hand debugging this in sketchup, I can maybe provide some insight into some pretty obscure ways super large commits can fail.

Like with our original Revit → Unreal explorations, likely our first step is to get receiving large commits working (they can be as slow as they like, but need to eventually succeed)

Then we can take a look at optimising performance (probably needed more so on the Revit side)


This is was my impression too, thank you for looking into this.

@Tmr can you give access to oguzhan too? oguzhan at speckle systems

He should be able to access it now.