Query to find parameters

Is there any graphql query to find this type of data

GraphQL will find all the data, if it is in the model you are querying.

I refer you to the answer I gave you in August:

But I didn’t find data like that.

Could you give us some clue as to the wider workflow you are trying to enable.

  1. What is the source of the data
  2. How was it published to Speckle
  3. Can you share the Speckle Streaam URL with us
  4. Once you have a GraphQL query made, where is this data consumed, transformed and then presented.

There are several moving parts that can be vary across all 4, sometimes we can advise alternative patterns to achieve your goals rather than trying to solve micro problems with not much information

Problem X:

Bob, an AEC developer, wants to efficiently synchronize 3D model data between different software platforms used in a construction project.

Solution Y in Mind:

Bob thinks he needs to write custom scripts to extract, transform, and load (ETL) the 3D model data between each pair of software platforms.

The XY Scenario:

Bob asks, “How can I optimize my Python scripts to make data transfer between SoftwareA and SoftwareB faster?”

What Could Happen:

  • People might focus on optimizing the Python scripts, which could be time-consuming and complex.
  • Bob might miss out on existing solutions that can simplify data synchronization across platforms, like using Speckle’s open data capabilities.

A Better Approach:

Bob could ask, “What’s the most efficient way to synchronize 3D model data between multiple software platforms in an AEC project?”

This way, Bob opens the door for more holistic solutions, like utilizing Speckle, which might offer built-in capabilities for such data synchronization, saving him time and effort.

I am unable to access value inside parameters

please let me know how could I can access the value inside parameter

Due to the Revit Parameter id hyphens (-) you must pass the parameter key as a Variable.

I think its not my sollution.

when I am sending this in select inside query got this error :“parameters.5804d913-6411-43f8-80cd-d4497720fe5a.value” syntax error at end of jsonpath input

Can you share the stream you are trying to access please.

I am using my own server.

ok - for a particular object can you take the equivalent screen grab to this:

Hi @jonathon and @Sachin_Kannaujiya
Could it be related to this?

Hey @martinromby, essentially, yes.

Addressing by those known parameter names shown in the screenshot will work as the alternative.

Those names are more likely to be consistent than the guids (ironically) for data coming from Revit. At least for inbuilt parameters.

Your workaround of downloading the whole parameters object and parsing from there is also still optimal, given the restrictions. Even though it seems like more data than necessary, it is not a great deal … and works.

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