Qgis polygon data to Sketchup

Hey everybody,
i’m am trying to load a shp file from Qgis to Sketchup. It works quite well getting the data to speckle form Qgis but when i try to load it into Sketchup, nothing actually gets transfered into the file. Does somebody know what i can do to transfer the data propperly?

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Hey @DonnyH ,

Welcome to the community. Feel free to introduce yourself if you feel like it.

I am not a Gis expert but I would like to take a look at this geometry. Can you share the shp file and/or speckle stream?

Once we have those, we can look into this matter pretty quickly and see if we can fix it.

Hey gokermu, i’m still quite new to the program so correct me if i’m wrong, i found two links for sharing i asume you need the first one?


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Yes indeed. Can you also share the shp file?

Yes, This should be one of the files in the branche.

onbegroeidterreindeel (vlak).shp (272.5 KB)

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Thanks, our SketchUp connector is getting refactored atm. We’ll test it tomorrow and get back to you.

Thank you very much! i’m looking forward to it!

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Hey @DonnyH ,

@oguzhankoral and I looked into the issue and found the issue. We’ll try to slide this in the next release. We are doing some major performance improvements on the connector infrastructure. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get into this release. We’ll include it in the next release for sure.


Hey @DonnyH,

Thanks for reporting this issue, it is fixed already, but will be available with new release. If you find any other issues, don’t hesitate to report even if it is a trivial issue.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for looking into it and fixing it! Is there a page where i can find the expected release date of new to come releases? Mainly so i would know if the workflow i had in mind with speckle is still doable within my projectplanning or i should find a different way for now.


Hy @DonnyH ! I pushed a quick fix to QGIS, you can try sending it from the new version 2.10.2 of QGIS connector