Probem with complex family

Hi Team,
I have problem something like this when push to speckle, this is a Revit Family 16mb with high quality, They are suspended when sent to speckle server, is there any cause of this or from the server does not allow that?
File Revit Family : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Any reason appreciated.

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Hi @chuongmep👋,

Wow, 16 mb for a family. That’s

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You are right. Indeed looks like there is a conversion error.

FamilyInstance BITZER 25bac6ca-5511-446d-af2a-a54e310280a3-00058361 Failed
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Our Revit expert @connor is on leave today. In the meantime, you can create an issue on Github for this. We’ll take a look at it on Monday. Thanks for reporting it and sharing the file. It really helps.


I just stumbled up with this 6 year old Revit Library and I intended to bring it on Speckle, I was still investigating before pushing this error on GitHub, hope The group will soon come back to discuss or accidentally someone discovered: :joy:

might also be unrelated, but did you use the newest release candidate? I have used it and it also brings this issue for an analytical surface out of Revit 2022.

Absolutely, because I develop and help it better on GitHub, if problem too hard to fix, I will spend small-time to help :muscle:


Hey chuongmep,

I have little experience in installations, just for my interest :slight_smile: :
why would you need such a detailed geometry item for this item?

Main reason is just test system of Speckle. Family is just for look :sweat_smile:


Great test at the least! I will continue watching this thread :slight_smile:

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It is a helpful test case, for while it inadvisable for building information models to include many of this class of component, Speckle is also used by fabricators who need 1:1 fidelity transfer of prototypes etc.

Beyond BIM :blush::heart_eyes: