📊 Parameter Updater: Sync Revit Schedules with Excel

Some of you might have spotted this in the release notes, but here’s another exciting feature for our Revit and Excel users:

The Parameter Updater is in its early days, but we’d love to hear your feedback!


That’s really great stuff.

One point: Is there a way to get the bidirectional viewer in Excel working with that feature so that we can select the elements in the viewer and then change some parameters in the schedule?

Thanks a lot, MK

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Thanks @Ma_Ku !

Not just yet, we first want to make sure we get the Revit <> Excel sync right before packing it with other features, but I’ll definitely come at some point :slight_smile:



i think this feature will be a game changer.

However, im able to update any instance parameter, but not type parameter. Is that normal?

hello @YienChao,

Thanks for your post. You should be able to update type parameters. Could you provide a bit more detail on what isn’t working?

thank you for the quick response.

here an example.

the comments (instance) parameter is updated, not the fire Rating (it’s a type parameter)

i think i was my mistake,

it seems to work better if “with headers” is selected.


i really like the fact it doesn’t need an extra id to find the right element to update. So how does it work in the background?

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We’re indeed using IDs behind the scenes, but they are in hidden columns/rows :nerd_face:

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that’s clever lol!
so no one could edit the Ids manually.


Hey @teocomi! Super excited about the Parameter Updater - Am I correct that its just sending a separate “data” commit back and forth and syncing? Kind of what you were suggesting here @jonathon? Updating attributes of a Rhino published commit with GraphQL - #6 by jonathon

Would be good to have a diagram explaining how the parameter updater is working from a Speckle perspective – have had a look at the RevitConnector repo but having a hard to time following what its doing…

Behind the scenes, the Parameter Updater is sending Revit Schedules as DataTable objects. We are using this object to guarantee better integration with Excel.

@connor might be able to add something more :slight_smile:

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