Parameter Updater not updating Parameters


I watched this video several times. Tried different things but the Revit parameter is not updated with the data I added in excel. I even created the schedule to show all instances, the revit parameter is an instance so no strange constraints or anything in Revit could prevent this from working.
At first I used a formula in excel to generate the parameter value, I also just added plain data to test it.
Still no values are added in Revit.

Any suggestions where to look?


Hey @MennoMekes welcome to our community, feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

As schedules and elements in Revit can have several different options and parameters, we would need to reproduce this on our end to see what’s up.
Could you share a portion of you model we can use for debugging?

Sure, but it’s a big model on BIM360.
Let me try this with a smaller model first and see if that works.