Not receiving data in Revit

I have been using Speckle to receive data from Navisworks to Revit, I have a 3D model in Revit and I have been exporting the 3D model to Revit, but for no reason I cannot receive more data in Revit. When I press receive in Revit, it says I received the data but it doesn’t exist.

Thanks for the report, @Ruben_Carvalho, and welcome to the Speckle community; let’s try to get you underway.

Receiving the data in Revit, you say the receiving act is completed, but you don’t see anything. This could be for several reasons, but I’d like to confirm one or two things with you first.

  1. You have published data from Navisworks;

    • does the Speckle web application successfully display this?
    • If so, can you share the project with me?
  2. In the Revit Speckle conversion report, do you see objects saying they have successfully converted?


  3. Is the Navisworks data in real-world coordinate space, if so, have you set up Revit to have a Shared Coordinate systems that can accommodate this? Both Speckle connector for Navisworks and Revit have mechanisms to harmonise the data location between the two:

If it is a location issue, then take a look here: Positioning Navisworks Geometry within Revit, where I have covered this in more depth.

You can see the data in speckle from Navisworks, i just realized that in revit it is giving me an error.
On the image in Revit you can see a model that I was transfering it from Navis and it never gave me problems.

Ok, that specific error is not simply not recreating a Navisworks view into Revit one - Not sure how likely that is needed - but lets keep going on the receive that is not working for you… or is the 3d view suggesting that it has succeeded?

That’s what it says after I try to receive the model

When I press receive everything runs smoothly like if I was receiving the data, and when it says received (nothing happened)

Ok then, what happens if you click one of the lightbulbs on a converted object?

Can you share the complete log with me and also ideally the Speckle project URL (you can send me a direct message if private)

I face the exact problem. Was this issue resolved? Would love to know what is the solution.

@Ruben_Carvalho Apologies, I have spent some time looking into this for you. I was unaware that this workflow that previously worked has hit a regression bug in version 2.19 or our Revit connector.

We have raised this as an urgent development ticket, which we don’t think will be challenging to correct.

In the meantime you can try downgrading your Revit connector to the 2.18.4 release Revit connector, and this is receiving Navisworks data ed in Revit. This can act as a workaround until we release a hotfix for 2.19