Not able to snap when dimensionning

Hello, as the result of doing a result in Revit I’m not able to snap on an object to do dimensionning, do I do something wrong?

Hey @McLean!

I guess you’re importing some geometry onto Revit, which by default will be imported as DirectShape instances.

Revit Directshapes do not allow for snapping of dimensions onto them, so your only option is to import them as DXF or DXF families. This can be done by changing the Advanced Settings in the stream card you’re using to receive in Revit.

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Verry usseful, Thanks

Is there a best workflow to receive those speckle in Revit family, cause I tried a 3D Autocad files with Regions and surfaces, received failed in Revit

This is really difficult to do properly @McLean
For a geometry to be properly displayed in a Revit Family it needs to be able to be either a proper ‘solid’ or a proper ‘mesh’. When you receive an undefined class of object containing geometry, for receiving it in RVT it is ‘safer’ to create a direct shape as it is less restrictive to the quality of geometry.
(E.g. some solid imported though autoCAD Revit cannot import, as the faces are not perfectly ‘closed’)

I would propose writing a dynamo/grasshopper script which takes the directshape through the TesselatedShapeBuilder and posts it as a FreeFormElement into a RVT Family for post-prosessing those items manually. It is very labour intensive on the RVT engine though so beware not to treat too much elements at once.

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Oh, thanks for the solution, but for myself, i’m not threre yet with Grasshopper :frowning: , i’m quite ok with Dynamo :slight_smile: