NodePen x Speckle POC

Nothing flashy, but I’m geeking the hell out and wanted to share:

I’ve been quietly working on NodePen, and I’ve thought for a while that a strong integration with Speckle was the best way forward. Stoked to see everything playing nice together.

Under the hood, this is:

  • NodePen client creates/modifies a json representation of a Grasshopper graph
  • Rhino Compute server takes the json, makes a Grasshopper document, and solves it
  • Speckle takes the Rhino geometry as a displayValue on an object and commits it to a stream
  • NodePen client is notified of the new object, uses the Speckle Viewer to load and view it

Now that everyone’s talking, I’m looking forward to making it sing a bit. Thanks mountains for the help so far. Many more questions to come. (Hopefully involving code references in the repo soon.)

And, most importantly, thanks for making Speckle. It’s been a real pleasure to work with.


Geeking the hell out” is what we love to see. Actively watching this!

:popcorn: :heart_eyes:



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So, sooo cool!
Happy to help with any future questions :slight_smile: