New front end - issues and feedback


We 've transitioned to FE2 and I am running into some issues that I think would be usefull to list here:

  • Functionality with moving commits( now versions) to different branches ( now projects) or deleting them seems to be missing. In fact i cannot find any options regarding commits at all, like editing commit message etc in the current FE2.
  • Having trouble expanding stream data with Scene explorer. Commits comes in as one object block that does not expand under scene explorer, and even in the selection info box I seem to be unable to expand the data to the same level as before. Everything is being listed as opaque objectArrays. Pasting some images for comparisson:
    old FE:

    FE2 scene explorer:

    FE2 selection info:

Wondering if this is intended or if i need to change the way i built the objects or just a bug in FE? Seems like alot of the data past the root level is being packed into an object array type that is not expandable / viewable in the front end. The type and property filters still work on the obscured data there, which is nice.

One workaround I’ve found, if sent as detached, is to use the object referenceID as modell id in the adress bar, then the scene explorer expands as expected, all though the selection box will still not expand past objectArrays:



Excellent feedback @Andrei, I just experienced the same while demoing on a user call and was surprised.

I think this has changed since earlier versions of FE2, which I’m convinced shows GH data trees as per the FE1 experience.

As we head to the end of the year, the team is thinning out, but as I was about to report it for myself, this will add weight to the ticket.

Thank you.

Click the blue icon of the versions count for a Model (branch)
Screenshot 2023-12-20 173956

For now this is the past versions view:

Version edit options are available from the right of the Version Message

An edited message

Move options (including to a new Model)


seems I missed that.
(AFAIR I understood “Streams” are called Projects now)

I am now confused by the terms overall.
(I am not a native speaker)
“Branches” was pretty understandable for me.
But isn’t it logical that a single “Project” can be the container for multiple “Branches”.
And a single of multiple “Versions” can include multiple “Commits”

While I expected that Versions and Branches are not exactly the same - but very
similar (?)

But I do miss any Developer or GitHub experience …
I just try to follow Speckle usage/features from an AEC BIM Visualization project standpoint.
So far I still I am not comfortable on how to organize Speckle for my typical CAD/BIM to 3D
visualization exchange/collaboration.

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Thanks for the info! Completely missed that the blue dot showing number of versions is actually a button. All functionality with moving & deleting versions is indeed “hidden” behind that button. Thanks for the tip!


We have heard this feedback already and @Agi and team are on the case with buttons that don’t like like buttons and things that look like buttons but aren’t