Weekly Changelog: Access the raw model data with Dev Mode, and more!

Happy Friday @Community !

This week brings updates for both power users and novices. Read along and go try it all today.

Access the raw model data with Dev Mode

We’ve added a new Dev Mode in the Scene Explorer for when you need to inspect a model’s full hierarchy of data. You will feel right at home if you were a user of the old Speckle web app.

Open object in new window

Sometimes you want to focus entirely on an individual object instead of the full model. You can now click a button in the Selection Info panel to open a selected object in a new, isolated window.

Resize Viewer panels

You can now resize the panels in the left side of the Viewer. We recently enabled this in the Selection Info panel on the right but that wasn’t enough for some of you.

Install Power BI connector from the Manager

The Power BI Data Connector can now be installed and updated directly from the desktop Manager for Speckle. Gone are the days where you had to install it from our Github repo and manually copy it into a folder. Read more in the announcement.

Connectors 2.19 release

The 2.19 connectors release brings support for the latest software releases including initial support for Rhino 8 on Windows. Read more in the announcement.


  • Fixed an issue where instances were not having their runtime transformations updated.
  • Fixed an issue where transparency objects were incorrectly casting and receiving shadows