Access the Power BI connector directly from the Manager!

Hello @Community !

Power BI Data Connector can now be installed directly from the Manager for Speckle :partying_face:! This marks a significant milestone as we are getting closer to the stable release of our Power BI connector.

This installer is only for the Data Connector. You still need to download the 3D Visual from the Github repository.

Previously, installing the connector involved downloading it from our GitHub repo and manually copying it into the Documents/Power BI Desktop/Custom Connectors folder. We know this process had a few hiccups:

  • GitHub can be a bit intimidating for the uninitiated.
  • Manually copying folders isn’t exactly the warm welcome we want for our new users.
  • Keeping up with new versions was a hassle—users often got stuck with outdated versions.

With the new installer, you simply click and install. Plus, the Manager will notify you whenever there’s a new version, ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest and greatest.

What’s Next?

Here’s what we want to do next:

  • We’re working on signing the Power BI installer so you won’t have to lower security settings in Power BI to use Speckle.
  • We are also planning to include the 3D Visual as part of the Power BI installer. This means there will be one installation for both the connector and the 3D visual. (For now, you still need to download it from the GitHub repository. Here’s a tutorial on what that looks like: Installing 3D Viewer Visual for Power BI - Basics)

Go ahead and install it from the Manager and let us know what you think!

Install the Power BI Connector

Stay tuned for more updates.


Amazing! Thanks so much!
Can’t wait for this, and access to private Speckle projects to be possible with the 3D viewer for PowerBI as well :hugs:


Yes @JoostGevaert , This is very high on our roadmap. Not as easy as the mentioned items tho :slight_smile:


This is such a massive milestone achieved! Congrats guys! Now you won’t have me (and 100s like me) bothering you asking to explain github! :slight_smile:

Well done, and obviously… THANKS!


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