New Connector Request - Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion 360

Voting for the most popular parametric cad modelling software

Thanks for the suggestions & welcome to our community!
What workflows did you have in mind for Speckle and the above-mentioned software?

Hello Matteo,

I voted for this connector mainly in support of the Inventor Connector, if we could extract the BIM data as well as the geometry from Inventor and send it to Speckle would open a lot of doors for Users. And cut several hours for recreating company libraries when they switch their authoring software of choice to another software that doesn’t have the developed library yet.

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Thanks for the insight. The “Send to Speckle” is a powerful use-case for many software.

I’m a long-time Inventor user, and I’m experienced with the Inventor API. I’d be happy to contribute with the development of an Inventor connector @dimitrie @teocomi @nvuk .


Fantastic news @santiago.diaz.ames ! Inventor scored quite high on our poll!

It seems like Inventor supports C#, which makes things easier. Let us know if you need any hints, usually, the best place to look at is our existing C# connectors.

Moving this to a new thread and adding @jonathon


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Hi all,
@santiago.diaz.ames how is your development going? I see it’s been a while since anyone commented on this. We are also very interested in an inventor plug in.

We haven’t seen any data coming from an inventor connector, but we do see inventor data in speckle coming from Navisworks.

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Hi Dan.
Unfortunately my youngest child was very ill last year. She was hospitalized for 4 months.
I had completely forgotten about my plan to develop an Inventor connector.
My daughter is now at home with us, recovering. Life is slowly getting closer to normality for my family.
I don’t think that I’ll start developing an Inventor connector now. But I am certainly open to having direct conversations about use cases. My personal email is:

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Is it possible to add an inventor (or at least autodesk vault) connector?