More Control on the Viewer - Shadows

Dear Specklers,
in large models, we have the issue that the viewer takes a lot of time to load and freezes during the process. We found out that switching off the sun shadows helps a bit in making the experience more fluent. Would it be possible to have sun shadows switched off from the beginning and then allow the users to manually set it to on?

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Could you test by sending the same models to FE2 and report if you still have the same experience? While FE2 isn’t fully baked, it does include some optimisations around model load and viewer performance.

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Will do :slight_smile: and let you know


I have the same request, disable by default in all viewer types.
I am currently facing visibility issues with the PowerBI visualization: dark blue + with shadows= unviewable model :expressionless:
I also cannot disable it in FE2

what helped me was to play around with the intensity of the indirect light … which is still not great, but it helped for now

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll try to figure out something useful but still fancy. (We love shadows :wink:)