FE2: Viewer Performance

Hello dear Specklers,

with reference to this post:
More Control on the Viewer - Shadows - Features & Ideas - Speckle Community

The new frontend is able to co cope at least with the concrete structure way better than in the post above. So this shadow control topic from the post above is solved.

Our facade (without the concrete and architecture) on the other end is killing the FE2 viewer :frowning: It rotates but very slowly.

Filters could be switched on very fast.

It took the viewer 15min to open it. In case you want to have access to take a look for yourself I can invite you.

I will try it out on my privat Macbook with M1 chip too. Let’s see if PowerBI is able to handle it.


Yep, do invite us! Also @alex (alex@speckle dot etc), as he’s the viewer master.

You guys are invited and can check out both models :slight_smile:

Okay, can save you the M1 testing: it’s actually quite responsive, but far from what we’d want to. I do have, though, good news, and this ping from you comes super timely!

Literally just 1h ago I was prioritising viewer roadmap with @alex, and he actually raised hardware instancing as a next step we should pick up. We ended up with three next steps, but actually we can bump this as the next one up.

Am I correct in assuming the facade fins are all basically identical fins of different types? From a brief check on my end, it seems so


(the definition id is the same across a few randomly selected panels)

I’m excited as I always like working against a clear case study/model and this helps a lot!

The facade elements repeat themselves type wise. So yes like you assumed. In case I can help you with anything else, let me know. Looking forward :slight_smile:. Have a nice weekend!


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Hi @AlexHofbeck

I looked over the streams as well. The good news is that our current developement version of the viewer already loads streams (especially very large ones) much much faster. The facades one took just a bit over 1 minute to load. Additionally, like @dimitrie was mentioning we’ve planned on getting hardware instancing going into the viewer, which will help with overall runtime performance.


I have tested it out on my Macbook Air. Chrome crashes immediately

and Safari gives up and reloads it briefly before everything is fully loaded. It took around 3-4mins.

PowerBI seems to not be able to cope with the new frontend links … or I am doing something wrong with FE2. It refers to main branch, but I’m copying not main.

And with PowerBI it also struggles, but this tower is also one of the bigger projects.

The swiss BIM consultant with Forge-based platform regularly presented this project on conventions, to showcase the capabilities of the viewer and platform. 1/2 Mio Raumdatenpunkte - oder Raumbücher und big - YouTube

We did this project without Speckle at that time, take it as a challenge :sunglasses:

Implementation of the Revit detail level settings in the connector made the use of the FE2 way smoother.
I still had to send only the facade panels without nesting into walls. And also had to leave the facade ribs behind. But the panels work like a charm. Also in PowerBI. Interestingly, Edge and Chrome seem to still struggle whilst Firefox on my Lenovo and Safari on the M1 machine work super smooth.

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