Missing type properties in IFC data

After uploading an IFC file to Speckle, I’ve noticed a significant number of properties don’t seem to be converted into Speckle data. For instance, the swing direction of a door (IfcDoorTypeOperationEnum) from a basic IFC file isn’t visible in the Speckle data. The overall data captured for IFC elements appears to be limited.
Is this due to a limitation in Speckle, or am I possibly missing something? It appears that only IFC Item Properties are being extracted, excluding others like type properties.
Is this intentional?
Let me know if you require further information!

We don’t intentionally drop properties from the IFC on the parsing and ingestion.

If you have any material that can help reproduce what you see, we’d be keen to resolve any deficiency.

As always our first answer is YES! Ideally, the source file (can be by DM) and example speckle URL.

Good to hear.
Fair enough, I will prepare an example that shows the data that is missing (or which I can’t find).

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So, here is an example IFC file that we use for testing:
HOTEL_archi.ifc (161.0 KB)

When we upload this into Speckle (which works great so far), we can examine the elements.
Let’s have a look at one of the doors:

Each door (IfcDoor) should have an Operation type with an IfcDoorTypeOperationEnum.

So I was looking for something in the Speckle properties like
“OperationType” : “SINGLE_SWING_LEFT”

Also, other attributes like “PredefinedType” are also missing.

Perhaps they are hidden somewhere else in the object structure - but I wasn’t able to find them.

Here is a link to the uploaded Ifc in Speckle: Viewer - IfcTest - Speckle

Let me know I am missing something here.

It may well be that the property relation that attaches those in detail are not present in the parser - i will have to spend some time deep-diving on this if you bear with me

I checked and found that the property exists in the IfcDoor element. It may not be present in the parser we use.

@jonathon @gokermu
Thanks for looking into this.
As far as I understand your replies, you can basically confirm that the properties do exist in the Ifc file, but the parser you use (e.g. ifc.js) does not recognize/process these properties and therefore they disappear when the file is uploaded into speckle. Right?


Yes, that is probably what’s happening. If you still want to upload your data to Speckle, you can use SketchUp, Navisworks or other software that has an IFC import method and a Speckle connection, while we resolve the issue.

Appreciate your support!
Currently, we also use the REST API (with the endpoint https://speckle.xyz/api/file/autodetect/{streamid}/main ) for the IFC upload - the same issue occurs here.
Assuming that this will have the same root cause, I would wait until you were able to do some magic and resolve the issue.

In addtion to what my friend @gokermu says, we’ll investigate why the properties you mentioned are not traversed on parsing the file.


I’ve actually had the same issue some time ago and stopped integrating Speckle into my workflow because of this blocker. Would be great to see this being fixed!

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Maybe this thread on the ThatOpenCompany forum can help to point in the right direction, as far as I’m aware you’re using their parser (ex-IFC.js)


any updates on this?

Not at this time. :speckle: