IFC element properties not complete?

I’ve uploaded an IFC file to my Speckle server and noticed that quite a lot of properties are apparently not parsed to Speckle data? For example, I’d like to find the door swing direction of an IfcDoor in a very simple IFC file (IfcDoorTypeOperationEnum), but I don’t seem to be able to find this info anywhere in the Speckle data. In fact, the amount of data I’m seeing for my IFC elements is suspiciously low in the first place.

Am I not looking at the right things or are certain properties not supported yet by Speckle?

Hi @grub, we’re using the web-ifc parser in the background to extract as much data as we can. If load your example file in an existing viewer, does the prop exist?

If you send it over to us we can log an issue and have a look later at our wrapper’s parsing logic if we’re missing something!

Glancing over the code you provided, it seems like you’re only extracting the IFC Item Properties, not the remaining ones, e.g. Type Properties (see 📃 Properties | IFC.js). Is this by design?

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Defs not by design, but rather by omission/lack of experience :gift_heart: Thanks for the spot. I’ve added your insight to our ticket. We haven’t picked it up yet. If by any chance you want to, we could help out on how to set up stuff for debugging.

Fair warning: it’s not super easy on windows (needs wsl2, lots of ram, and patience) :sweat_smile:

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Hi Dimitrie,
just wanted to check in and ask whether this has ever been solved on your end? :slight_smile: