Maximum Number of Viewable 3D Objects?

You can change the interaction mode of your table (and 3d viewer) so that they highlight or filter depending on your needs :wink: You may need to turn on interactions in the report view to see those though.

Our current recomendation is to curate the data you want for your report on the Data Connector side using PowerQuery. One rarely needs all the elements in a building for the reports, so you can filter out what you don’t want, or filter just the things you care about before the data gets to the report.

Hope this helps!


Initially, I switched PowerBI to English in order to make it work with Speckle at the beginning. Interestingly the newest version of PowerBI somehow hides the Speckle when I have the language English set for the UI. Uninstalled it … PowerBI was in German … the connector showed up again … changed it to English connector vanishes. Super strange … but now at least I have found a solution.

Very interesting discovery @AlexHofbeck!

I have no idea what could be going on, but will try to repro on my side!

ah yes @AlanRynne, it was just an interaction problem, by default it was deactivated.


Now with the latest improvements I’m very close to the goal. Great!!

The last points for me now are the Revit MEP elements (you are already working on it @teocomi ) and the Navis PowerBI connection improvement (yet discussed with @jonathon )

Thank you very much all <3



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