Maximum Number of Viewable 3D Objects?

I’m on alpha6 of the PBi Visual, but I only see about 10 % of my model. The data side shows about ~20k rows loaded, which is <30,000 row limit. I haven’t seen any particularly complex or large model examples implemented, so I’m wondering if there is another limitation at play.

Hey @Gary_Zimmer,

There is an issue with object loading in PowerBI we’re already tracking. This was introduced when we released 2.13 apparently.

This was caused by a change on how our other connectors handle some of their geometry (we recently introduced more general block instance support and collections).

We’re looking into it but I have no ETA at this moment for a fix.

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Hey @Gary_Zimmer,

FYI, I just released this morning a new version of both the Data Connector and the 3D Visual.

I still have to update the docs (next week), but if you’re keen feel free to give it a try! It should fix the issue you were experiencing

You’ll need to update both, as the data connector has a new column in it’s output table that is required as input for the visual to work.

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Thanks for the follow up!

Here’s what my model looks like with the updated connector and visuals
It looks like the whole model is loaded in as a ghost but only some parts are loaded in as solid with colors.
When I filter to a smaller dataset, it looks pretty great though!

It would definitely be helpful to have some buttons for default views since the click+drag to change camera angle was kinda awkward.
It would be nice to have a setting to swap between true filtering (object disappear) and ghost filtering (filterd objects get ghosted)

I tried filtering on both the report view and in power query and they seem to have the same effect where everything else not in the filtered set is still shown as ghosted.

HI @Gary_Zimmer,

This looks rather weird, so when you pass in the entire Query data you get the model ghosted, but when you apply a filter to said data it shows everything? Or is it just showing the data entities you filtered?

We’ve changed the way the viewer loads the objects, instead of doing so individually, we now load the commit object (which contains everything), but we will ghost everything that is not included in the Query result table.

Next release there’s going to be a rewrite of the settings panel in the visual, and your suggestions were already planned for :smiley:

  • Default views and section box
  • Ability to customise colors
  • Hide, ghost, keep any objects that are not in the table
  • Selection behaviour (per table grouping/per object)
  • and more!

Here’s some more weirdness, I add more inclusive filtering and have less objects rendered:

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@Gary_Zimmer did you already update the visual to



Thanks for letting me know! I updated and there are definitely improvements! The filtering mostly makes sense now. I’m wondering what the intended state of the visual is if there is a linked slicer which has nothing checked. Also I can’t seem to hide the 2D lines by changing slicer settings.

Unsure - what would you expect it to show?

This may be a feature of the Viewer, it already does clever stuff to display lines at all. Can check.

If I remember correctly, you can filter what you want to show in the 3D Visual. If you don’t want lines to appear in the viewer, you can filter those out by their speckle_type attribute. If you can share a sample stream, I can give it a try.

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