Bidirectional Selection in Power BI

Hi @AlanRynne

I better checked the filter:
From Table to 3D viewer is very good; from 3D viewer to Tables works for some categories of elements, for example it’s perfect for rooms.

and also for all speckle_types there are defined as Built.Elements… (Floor,Wall,Roof, etc)

but I can’t select in the 3D viewer all other categories which are inside RevitInstance or Core.Models.Collection: specialty equip, mechanical equip, lighting fix, furniture, electr equip, doors, windows etc



Hey @mirko.maccarronello ,

Do you mean you can select them in the 3D Visual but they don’t get highlighted in table visuals? Or you can’t select them in 3D Viewer Visual?

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if the stream is from a Revit file I can’t select them,

if the stream is from a Navis file I can select but they are not highlighted in the table

Hey @mirko.maccarronello ,

We are working on fixing this. Can you try with the attached pbiviz file? (Warning: This is not the final release. It is a WIP visual.)
powerbiSpeckleVisualAA98F06515D847E8ACB33BAB487244E0.2.0.0-dev.pbiviz (1.5 MB)



It’s run for the Revit files. Great job guys. You are the champions :wink:


Great, this is a pre-release and we’ll have more Viewer Visual features in the final release. Wait for 2.15 :slightly_smiling_face:.

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