Link Revit 2023 to etabs 2022

I built Model in revit 2024 when I send it and receive it in etabs It cone without slabs and shear wall just beams and column went to etabs

Thank you @MahmoudGhajiah.

We are working on a lot of ETABs workflows in version 2.17 so I think we know of this issue. Watch this space for any announcements or @Pavol may request more details from you.

It would be excellent if you could share your Revit stream url and can use it as a test case!

Hi @MahmoudGhajiah

Thank you for reporting this. Slabs and walls work with older versions of Revit, it looks like something has changed in 2024. We will investigate and fix the issue in the next release. Would you mind sharing your Revit model with me? You can drop me a DM.

We are already working on number of improvements for Revit > ETABS workflow, including support for grids or better structuring of analytical results on send. Is there anything else that would make your work more productive?

Thank you for responding , This is my revit model
I have to wait until this issue solve so i can check etabs model and see forces and materials transfered also check reinforcement result on revit

Hi @MahmoudGhajiah thanks for the stream link. Could you send me the actual .rvt file via DM please? Also, did you model the missing objects as analytical walls and analytical floors?

Floors and slabs are supported in ETABS also from Revit 2024. I’m not quite sure what happened when you send them, maybe you didn’t select the analytical elements. I was able to receive the whole model in ETABS, try this one and let me know:

Thank you for your respond
I tried your stream and i received the model in etabs.
But i resend my model from revit and select analytical model at website the modrl exist with wall and slab but when i received it in etabs i faced same problem

Select analytical elements in Revit and use the send selection method. More details in our documentation.

Thank you for your responding
I found the mistake when i used send entire model it did not send slab and wall but when i used send selection it sends.
I noticed that when i receive model in etabs it did not creat story and height of story i should creat ghem before recieving model. Also when i recieve model in revit it did not create new family for new section.

Great to hear that you managed to receive the whole model to ETABS.

Stories (levels) from Revit are not currently supported but we are working on it. You can import missing families when receiving to Revit, see this documentation page.