viewer linking to Power Bi

I am now using latest speckle new viewer and I would like to link combined models into Power Bi.
What would be best strategy?

Is there possibility to link combined models in one go?
I have tried using the all models url (eg. but that return an error when I am linking it into power bi.


Or should I try to nest models under one main model. I noticed we have this option “Use forward slashes in the model name to nest it below other models.” although I can’t work out how to nest multiple models under one main one.

Or should i link individual models into Power Bi and merge queries in the Query Editor?


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PowerBI has a PowerQuery function that allows this OOTB. We’ve published a Youtube tutorial for this (linked at the end of this post)

Suppose a project has 3 Models: Structure, Fabric and Ductwork (I am reusing my model from the Automate Clash Analysis demo)

Each of those models has a unique URL.

Add a Data source for each:

For later use, I add a custom column for identity purposes.


Then you can add a new Query using the Append Queries (as new) tool:


Or simply write the PowerQuery yourself; I’ve named this “Federated”.

This “Federated” source can be added to the Visual and any other dashboard elements you want.

All the regular colouring and filtering will be possible with a single data source.

We’ve published a Youtube tutorial for this:

It is possible to federate Models across Projects, but unless they are co-located and relatively small, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Thank you Jonathon.
I will proceed on this basis.


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