Introducing Workspaces

Hello and happy Friday, @Community !

We wanted you to kick off the weekend with some good news and some food for thought :thought_balloon:.

Our teams have been busy working towards some major product updates; one of these is the concept of Workspaces.

This feature is still in very early stages of development but we wanted to share with you our current ideas early on and hear your thoughts!

:point_up: Note: Things might change substantially as we’re still early in the development journey!

What’s a Workspace?

Speckle is a collaborative product by nature, it brings professionals and disciplines closer to each others enhancing communication and project coordination.

Teams all over the world rely on our solution to overcome data management challenges, streamline workflows and automate time consuming tasks.

Workspaces essentially offer a higher degree of control, customization, and data residency compliance, enabling you and your peers to work better together.

This concept already exists in many others tools you’re probably familiar with, like Slack, Figma, GitHub - so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear it’s coming to Speckle too!

What are the main features?

We’re really excited about the concept of Workspaces and so should you!
Here’s what it’ll mean for you:

  • better permission management: you will no longer need to add collaborators to a project one by one. Everyone inside a Workspace will have access by default to its projects
  • higher customization: custom branding, advanced settings and the possibility to easily integrate with your own SSO provider
  • data residency compliance: you will be able to decide in which region or country your data is hosted, so to comply with even the most stringent project requirements

Plans and availability

Another incredible benefit of Workspaces is that smaller organizations and teams will no longer need a dedicated Speckle deployment to benefit from additional privacy, control, and data segregation as these come out of the box as part of a Workspace.

This allows us to evolve our existing Enterprise plan and to create a new Team plan. Again, we’re very early in the process of designing what each plan looks like, but here’s the current thinking:

Free Plan: Speckle as you currently know it; nothing will change. You will also be able to create free workspaces with some limitations.

Team Plan: a dedicated Workspace for you and your team with enhanced permission management, additional customization and configuration options, and the possibility to choose a specific geographical region for data hosting. You’ll get unlimited projects, and the plan will be most likely priced per user per month or year. You will be able to upgrade to the Team plan directly from our app.

Enterprise Plan: a dedicated Speckle server for large organisations, allowing you to have as many workspaces, regions and users as you want. Pricing will be based on the amount of resources needed.

Each plan will also get some Automate minutes included, and more will be available for purchase.

In terms of timing, we’re planning to have an early version of Workspaces available after the Summer months.

What about self-hosting?

You will always be able to self-host Speckle, as we truly believe our industry needs an open and transparent data infrastructure layer.

Features under the Team and Enterprise plan will be available under a different, non open source, license for now. We will keep evaluating this choice over time and see what is best to guarantee Speckle’s longevity as a product and as a business, too.

Feedback time! :heart:

We’re developing Speckle with you in mind, and your feedback is essential to us.

What do you think about the upcoming changes? Will Workspaces enhance the way you work? Are there any key features your team needs that we haven’t yet thought about?

Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:

PS: If your organization would like to explore and help us shape these future offerings in more detail, we’d love to meet up - ping us here or at


I am very interested in this idea of workspace and the plans. Knowing where our data is hosted geographically is good, it’s a critical issue for certain projects.

Self-hosting is not easy for small organizations, so these plans will be welcome for many teams.

Each plan will also get some Automate minutes included, and more will be available for purchase.

  • Sending and receiving in Speckle will be counted in “Automate minutes.” ?
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We announced Speckle Automate, our CI/CD platform for AEC at SpeckleCon 2023. While it has been in closed beta for a while, we are about to make it open access in time for the Hackathon.

It is a compute-on-demand infrastructure. So an Automation will run on every new model publish event to your specification. So Automate minutes will be the processing minutes it consumes - independent from the normal Speckle data exchange.


Cool idea, not sure if it is being considered. Add the ability to be able to nest inside a workspace. So I could setup spaces like space1/team1 and space1/team2, from a permission point of view I might have a project inside space1/team1 and then can add space1/team2 to just that one project.

Also with this setup you might have top level projects on space1 which members of both space1/team1 and space1/team2 would have visibility of.


We plan to support member groups so you can more easily manage access permissions to a group of people. Can be used to assign all @architects to a project, or to mention all @designers in a comment, which will notify everyone in that group. This will not be available in the first version of Workspaces though.