Introduce yourself 🙆

A warm welcome to the Speckle Community @rwessel and @MikeTasset !!!


Hello everyone! :wave:

Björn here. I have just joined the wonderful Speckle team as Solutions Architect! :tada:

My background is in Structural Engineering :building_construction: where I was exposed to manual repitive workflows, and large amounts of semantic data which accompanied some truly amazing geometric forms.

I embarked on a journey to do things better. This started out with learning good old Python :snake: (shoutout to YouTube at this point). Hitting that run button in Python and seeing things happen automatically in ETABS and Excel (yes, structural engineers love Excel) was a truly satisfying moment. From that moment on I was hooked. The onward journey was wild and eventful and has led me here, Speckle, the definition of interoperability.

I’m super excited to be here, let’s make the AEC better! :sunglasses:



I’m Michal, and I’ve just joined the Speckle team as a product designer.

Before joining Speckle, I was a design lead at Archilogic, where I helped build a platform to keep floor plans up-to-date in the most human way. Since then, my interest in designing within the AEC problem space has continued to grow, and I’m really excited to continue this journey at Speckle.

I live in Poland. I’m a dad and a two-wheels enthusiast in real life. So when I’m not working, I prefer staying outdoors, usually riding a drop-bar bike on unpaved roads and trails or honing my enduro motorbiking skills.


Hi everyone!

My name is Luqman, but you can call me Luke. I’m from Malaysia. Has anyone here been to Malaysia before? The food here is amazingly good, haha. I work as a BIM Modeler here in Malaysia.

I just discovered Speckle earlier this year and have been quietly reading and studying as a guest. I hope to learn more and more here. And yes, thank you so much for creating Speckle. I really appreciate it.

#tothemoon :star_struck: