In grasshopper, can send and receive from stream, but not from branch or commit. Receiving error message


I am setting up a Speckle workflow for a project in grasshopper to coordinate among team members. I am experiencing two issues:

  1. I can send and receive from a stream, but not from a specific branch or commit from within that stream. I understand this is supposed to be possible, but I am getting errors in grasshopper.
  2. I am only able to send and receive from the stream when using the stream ID, not the full stream url text.

Screenshots attached for context.

Receive errors:

specific receive error messages:

Send errors:

specific send error messages:

Thank you for your help!

Do you have multiple accounts register/active in Manager?

What server is your default account set to?

Could it be that you deleted your account when you added the one?

Do bear in mind that, while both websites do use the same database (so whatever you send to XYZ will appear in and viceversa), all that a connector knows is that there are 2 different servers pointing to 2 different urls.

You can continue using our server in your connectors and use in the web (or viceversa) without any issue.

You should also be aware that the new frontend available in FE2 is still under development, and some things in connectors may not be as polished or even be supported yet. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you find any kinks :wink: many of those will get polished in the near future :rocket:

Hello, thank you for the response. The issue seems to be confusion between the server and the server. I am able to send and receive from the URL without issue. I only have one account (just created it). In Speckle Manager, when I click on my account and select ‘view server’ it takes me to the page.

However, I am trying to use a server, and that isn’t functioning properly. Can you provide more context or tell where I can learn more about the difference between the two? There doesn’t seem to be anything about it in the Speckle user guide.

This is an excellent report @Justin_Hanlon thankyou.

While superficially operating as 2 distinct servers, is the original frontend implementation for Speckle(v2) and is a second web application next-generation interface that surfaces precisely the same data.

We apologise for confusion arising from all our demonstration material referencing one server while we migrate to the new frontend experience.

Your screenshots demonstrate two separate issues:

1. Account Mismatches


So, while you have an account in Manager registered to, the grasshopper Send and Receive nodes assume a server is as per that account. So, URLs passed with XYZ will not be sent or received.

However, while Sample Project - Speckle and Speckle point to the same data, those xyz streams are blocked.

2. Text Input format

This is not expected to work regardless of the server particulars - The input for the Send node is a Stream URL (with https, etc) or a stream ID. In this case, it is trying to parse the text you have sent as an Id

Workaround while we continue the transition

Your account on one is an account on the other, in the examples you have posted screenshots for, you can simply replace the part where you are passing a URL with

NB: We are working on a fix for having an account for each added to the Manager, but this is a separate issue.

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