IFC Mapping tool?


I am an active user of Rhino and VisualArq, and I am currently facing the IFC export problematic on a project.

VisualArq handles IFC export, yet it offers few possibilities to add parameters and informations. I was wondering why Speckle offers Revit, Archicad and Tekla Mapping Tool (which I haven’t used, since I don’t own any of these softwares), and not an IFC Mapping Tool?

Maybe it is a silly question but I thought it would be useful to map IFC classes on objects in Rhino, which would make them readable in other BIM softwares?

I am thinking of using BlenderBIM to cleanly add IFC parameters to my 3d models, using Speckle to bring my Rhino file into Blender, and I was just wondering if it wouldn’t be a feature that Speckle could handle directly in each supported software.

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It is a valid thought.

To clarify, in Rhino you wish to add ifc mapping to objects there, instead of specifically Revit?

At the present time we don’t have plans to do this, in part because we’ve just heard of it, and secondly would that give a false expectation that the data sending from Rhino through speckle is then somehow blessed as IFC?

The Mapping Tool initiative is in its early iterations, we are gathering feedback on current functionality before rolling it out further. It has been slated to achieve workflows needs that we have heard from users and organisations. Developing in this way is our preferred modus operandi instead of chasing features and ideas speculatively.

Hi @jonathon,

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Maybe not instead but as an additional mapping tool.

From what I understand, the Revit mapping tool is indeed interesting for Rhino to Revit workflows, and my topic here clearly has a Rhino user oriented request.

In my professionnal experience, Rhino (charged with plugins) can be the only tool an architect uses throughout the whole project. One of the main lack about my workflow is the ability to exchange my model with engineers without losing all the data. This is why Speckle is particularly interesting to me.

In this context, I don’t have a Revit license (and I am doing my best not to have to purchase one), and in my experience, what engineers or co-contractors ask for is usually IFC models. As I said before, VisualArq offers IFC export options, but it lacks parameters.

What I am looking for is a way to create clean IFC models from Rhino geometries, and I was wondering if that may be a feature you thought of, knowing that IFC is supposed to be a standard format read by a majority of softwares?

Speckle certainly solves the connectivity of design data to other software and also can ingest IFC. However, there is no exporting of IFC files from Speckle. As such, it is unclear where this mapping should take place.

I use the example of the existing Mapping tool being present within Rhino as the example, as this is the expected place for data to be authored. An equivalent tool might be possible to use not Revit data but IFC, but it does not make sense in that Speckle data isn’t IFC, and we don’t yet have an “IFC connector” that could “Receive” that.


Thank you for your answer, it is more clear :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion - this is the best way to hear if there are other interested users. :pray:t2:

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