How to transfer attributes attached to each element in Grasshopper to Revit? and where these attributes will be shown in Revit?

Our project was Designing complex facade panels. We tried to attach construction attributes like Coloumn index, Row index, Length, and etc to each element in Grasshopper. We did it by using the Speckle to Revit component named “Extend speckle object by key/value” and defined the attributes as keys and values. It works properly when we use the web app and the keys/values are shown correctly. The problem occurs when we try to receive the model in Revit. None of the attributes shown by Revit. We would be glad if anybody know any method to solve this problem.

Hey @Amir_Mohammad_Azizi welcome to Speckle.

The behaviour you are seeing is by design. We currently do not, nor do we allow the option to, create Revit properties that do not already exist in the Project Parameters.

The solution would be to have already the properties you wish to populate rather than create new in the target Revit project. You can publish the project information to the Speckle project and consume this in your grasshopper script. I think I’ll try to tutorialise this in time, but perhaps you can give that a try and report back?

You will be able to clone the published properties stack and Extend Speckle Object using it. Fair warning, this is not a easy task.

You might want to try with this GH node: Grasshopper | Speckle Docs

As Jonathon says, the parameters must already exist in the Revit project.