HACKATHON - Into The Speckleverse :speckle:

What’s up @Community !

We are super excited to be announcing our first ever hackathon :boom:

After the success of our online conference Connect!, many of you asked us to organize a hackathon as well, so here we are!

The event is online and timezone friendly, and it’ll be a great way to hack something cool while learning more about Speckle - our entire team will be around to help along the way.

And there’s even more, we have £2,000 in prizes for the winners and swag for all participants :gift:


Registrations close on April 24th, hurry up!
Excited? Ready to join? We’d love to hear what you think!


Hi. I am interested in attending the hackathon and making use of the developer team resources available during the event. I would like to work on an existing open-source project though. Converting a V1 tool to Speckle V2. Can I participate in the event, but maybe just not be in the running for prizes? Would I be able to try and recruit people to my team, or would that only be allowed for new projects? Any thoughts?


Hi @andrew1 ,

welcome to the community! You can definitely participate, but your submission will not be considered valid. The rules for the contest say that it should be a new application, and unfortunately converting a V1 tool to V2 will not satisfy this constraint as it’s just a matter of legwork and we’re not looking for you to just rebuild old projects. If you’re struggling coming up with ideas, you’re more than welcome to bounce ideas here -we can help :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread is also the best place to advertise your idea, until we have set up our private Discord server for the Hackathon. In any case, I’d suggest you to introduce yourself!

Hi. Thanks. I work for the architecture firm Payette in Boston, in the planning group. Two years ago we created a Power BI Visual that lets you view 2D floorplans from Speckle (Revit and Rhino) within Power BI - github.com/Payette/speckle-powerbi-visual. It pulls data directly from a Speckle (V1) server. I am looking to migrate this (re-write) so it can work with Speckle V2 (and possibly run off the Speckle Power BI Data Connector) instead of querying data directly within the plugin. Andrew.

Hey Andrew,

That looks great, and thanks for the intro!
Unfortunately, that project would not qualify for the hackathon, but our team would be happy to help you update it to v2 nonetheless, just ping us on the forum with any questions and we’ll answer.

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Meet your #hackathon judges :woman_judge:! Together with the @SpeckleTeam, an incredible mix of experts from the industry, software vendors, academia, and VC world​:zap:will be checking out your work :eyes:.

Haven’t registered yet?


Only 4 days left to register! :mantelpiece_clock:


Hi! This event looks awesome! Looking forward to it.

I registered a couple of weeks ago but noticed I haven’t received any confirmation email. Also, I couldn’t log in to the forum with my account from speckle.xyz/profile, so I registered again with the same email address. Is that expected? Is the registration to the Hackathon ok?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey @cvillagrasa - I think the hackaton team hasn’t gotten yet to processing all registrations and informing people, but rest assured they’ll get on that soon!

We don’t have a linked identity between xyz and the forum (though that would be cool :sunglasses:), so all you did is correct and fine!

PS: Welcome to the form too! If you want to get a headstart, go ahead and introduce yourself!

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Thank you @dimitrie! Relieved to hear everything is according to plan. Sorry I came straight to the point, I just introduced myself in the thread :grinning:

Hi @cvillagrasa ,

We’ll be sending an email shortly after registration is closed fully for confirmation and more information (which is this Sunday). One week prior to the hackathon we will send out a discord link to the discord channel . Looking forward to seeing you at the hackathon.

P.s ; I can see your registration information so you are in ! In the future, we definitely should have sent a confirmation email after registration . Lessons for next time :slight_smile:

Thank You,


The final countdown to the start of our hackathon has started! :rocket:

Invitations to the Hackathon Discord server will roll out on May 4th, right after our Community Standup, so you’ll have plenty of time to socialise and finish setting up your team!

If you registered and haven’t heard from our team since, you may want to check your spam folder :wink: Or reach out to us for help! :raised_hands:t3:


Is there an audience component to the Hackathon where the non-participating community members can listen in on the team introductions/judges’ discussion, take a look at the final projects and/or vote on projects we like (fan favorite) ?

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Hi Namita! Thanks for the good question and interest, unfortunately, with more than 100 registrations we’ll struggle logistically if we also let non-participants in the server.

We’ll make sure to share all the projects publicly at the end of the event though.


Hi @Community !

If you’re registered for the hackathon. We have sent out the discord link yesterday. If you haven’t received the discord channel link for it. Please send me a message directly! P.s Check your Spam ?



I havent. DMing you. Thanks

Hello awesome @Community members.

Firstly , we invite everyone to come check out the hackathons in this blog post.

Come check out each of the hacks!

To summarize we had a total of 13 submissions, 90 registered participants, with representation from 26 countries. The hackathon was an awesome experience for us and we enjoyed all the submissions.

Thank you to the community for being so awesome as always and taking time to participate in this hackathon.

We would like to give a warm shout out to our Judges; Elcin, David, Luis and Marie for judging all the hacks, and without further ado, here are the winners:

For the winner of overall hackathon we have Team: Blue Man Group Understudies with the Hack: Speckle Dir Stat (@haitheredavid @kgoulding and others)!

For the categorical prize of the Best Hack for “Wow” Factor , we have Team: return Name; with the Hack: Speckly the Bot (@ChihYuan_Chen @luisotero @cvillagrasa and others)

For the categorical prize of Best use of Data Exchange → , we have Team : Urbansurgery with Hack: Rimshot (@jsdbroughton)

Finally last but not least, we have the Hack with the biggest impact on a Social Problem we have Team: TrondHack with Hack : S.A.M.B.A - Speckle As Material Bank App (@wk47 @marcin and others)

Check out all their hacks in detail on our blog!