Dynamic clash report in power BI

I’m a new user
And i want to ask about a task i want to do with speckle
This task is creating power BI clash report for a project
And i need the 3D view in power BI to be like navisworks when i click on of the clashes the 3d view hide everything except the clash like Navis and I can’t do that …

I export mep search sets and send then to speckle and get data to power BI

Then i export the report from navis ad xml file and import it in power BI
But the problem is there is no connection between the report and the elements in 3D view

Can any one help me step by step to do this task ?

We don’t have a specific tutorial on this yet- but we can look at it after SpeckleCon.

What is the source of the models in your Navisworks file that were sent to Speckle? I ask because not everything has a good handle on stable IDs for elements.

I Sent str model and arch model to speckle and then extract navisworks clash report as excel after that i get all it into power bi but i checked some elements id from clash report i don`t found them in elements id from speckle server what is the problem for that ?

It’s always good to help us help you; please share an example stream.

Trying.pbix (879.1 KB)

this is the file i working on
and im sorry if i cant explain my problem .

but did u get what i want to do ?

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I will take a look as soon as we are wrapped with SpeckleCon I promise!

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Hey Fares,

Just wanted to let you know that @nikochin used Speckle to create what you’re looking for, and he even made a tutorial showing how to do it too. Check it out and let us know if it’s helpful!


okay thanks very much its very helpful but i dont understand the mark number step and using it to create relation between everything

Hey @Fares ,

In his case, he imported navisworks issues into Revit and sent from there. You need to figure out the details depending on how you want to achieve the same result. If you can give more details (diagrams, files) we can guide you on how to achieve it.

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thanks alot it works

thanks all


We discussed in last week and the problem was resolved. Thank you

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