Deploying a Server on Azure

Has anyone been able to deploy a speckle server on Azure? If so what did you need to set up?
I’ve seen a few posts on Azure AD but not much detail on the actual steps on the deployment.
Any help would be awesome!!


Hey @shuzmm, we’ve seen several, but each have their own set of gotchas depending on the way the organisation sets things up.

We heartily recommend starting with the Deploying a Server - Kubernetes | Speckle Docs way as it in theory it’s the most portable. @shiangoli has deployed to azure recently, and afaik the smart peeps from B+G are also doing the same (cc @AlexHofbeck). and @JdB from Arup the same.

Sorry for spamming a lot of people :slight_smile: I suspect having some specific questions will help.


Hi guys,
regarding the steps for Azure and Docker, I can provide a PDF beginning of next week. Was already on my to do. Need to make sure that this one is clean with no specifics about our server. Azure Kubernetes is something, we did not take a look at (for now). For Azure Kubernetes @shiangoli and the guys from Arup are better equipped to answer that :slight_smile: .


Hi @dimitrie, @AlexHofbeck @shuzmm , We have certainly been able to deploy Azure Kubernetes and will share the steps either here or elsewhere which is more appropriate