Dashboard for Clash Report Analysis

Hello everyone!

Inspired by @nikochin and his topic BIM Clash report by Speckle and Power BI, I created a quite similar Power BI dashboard to analyse clash reports.

I followed the workflow of these topic, since I would like to avoid any new subscriptions.

However, I did some changes. One difference is that I export the clash report to excel in xml format and then process its data through power query. I use this spreadsheet to group and classify the clashes.
Another difference is that in my dasboard I want to analyse all the clashes, instead of checking its progress.

For that I use the 3D Viewer, a few charts and some filters. Here is a sample image of the dashboard i created:

It works fine until i start to use the slicers.
Sometimes, when I use multiple filters, the 3D viewer loses connection with the slicers and I have to restart the 3D viewer, which sucks. The image bellow is an example of that.

I don’t understand what’s the issue, so I started to thinking about alternatives, because this happens quite often.

I think one solution could be the Speckle Web App. However, it seems that it doesn´t allow to use more more than one filter…

Does anyone uses a similar workflow for clash report?
I appreciate some thoughts on this subject.


This is correct. But something I’d love to feature down the line as huge power can come from an advanced filtering mechanism.

I don’t quite see from the screenshots what exactly your describing about the visual losing contact with the sliders.

Hey @rSimoes ,

Can you please share the pbi file with us? You can send a dm if you don’t want to share it here.

Thanks for your reply @jonathon

Can you predict how far is that future? :grin:

Regarding the screenshots, I will explain and sorry for not making it clear before.
In the first image, the 3D Viewer has the elements colored by FileName (Red - Architecture; Blue - Electrical; Green - HVAC; Yellow - Fire Safety) and only the elements related to the clashes associated with the “testas” Clash Group are visible. All the others are ghosted.

In the second one, all HVAC elements are visible (appearing gray in the viewer) and are no longer affected by filters. Additionally, the color code was lost. The Architecture is now identified in Blue, the HVAC has no associated color and all other elements are green, regardless of their FileName.

Note that in the clash matrix (top right corner), the total number of clashes remains at 118.

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Hi Bilal,

I just did, thanks in advance.

Not the immediate roadmap but when FE2 has become the de facto standard we can begin to iterate.


Thanks for sharing the file @rSimoes .

I will take a look at it and create a ticket if I can reproduce it.

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Thank you both.

@jonathon that’s good news.
In meanwhile, I’ll try to find how to relate the data from the xml clash report to the clashed elements in each branch - I don’t know yet if it is possible.

If I can help with anything, just say so.

Hi there!

Any news on this subject?

Hey @rSimoes ,

I was able to reproduce the issue and have logged it in our backlog. We’re working on a fix and will keep you posted on any updates. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your patience!

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