Coordinates change from speckle to Revit

Hi all, I’m testing out this great tool,

I was hoping to use speckle to convert a large site from Navisworks to Speckle to Revit , I succeeded to get it in but I suspect it is too far away from Revits internal point and the geometry gets all squished and broken

Do you have an Idea if I can edit origins from Speckle to Revit? any setting etc

Thank you for helping

Kind regards

You can adjust the origin in Navisworks to suit Revit, or if you have Shared Coordinates set up correctly, you can import “real-world” Navisworks data into Revit coordinates.

Adjustments in Navisworks:

Reference point

Allows the user to specify which reference point should be used when sending data.

Available options are:

  • Model Origin (the default option)
  • The Project Base coordinate
  • The Bounding Box origin

The XY Coordinate inputs are valid for defining the Project Base coordinate option.

Coordinate Units: Allows the user to specify the units of the coordinates sent to Speckle.

I covered this when the Navisworks connector was fresh out of the oven.