Compare versions on Speckle Vewer

Hello everybody!

I have a suggestion to improve the viewer in a way that would allow us to compare versions. The idea is to have the ability to visualize the changes made to the geometry or information, similar to the version comparison feature in BIM 360.

It would be really great if this feature could be developed.

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We may have some good news for you!! Stay tuned :speckle: :heart_eyes:


Greate, thank you @jonathon :star_struck:

It would be especially helpful to have the option to filter the diff for displaced (on/off → change of position), parameters (on/off), full geometry (on/off → change of size of the element). Same like Autodesk and Dalux are offering.

Additionally, the diffing might come in handy by having multiple models merged in the view, not just one … say one wants to have highlighted that the change of the suspended ceiling has the coloring of the MEP elements too. Compare ARC v100<>v101 and MEP v100<>101 in the same view.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?


:joy: too deep … @jonathon

The api allows for this actually, so stay tuned. I’m going to try to record a quick video on this so you all get the feels for the V0 of this feature. Note, it will be barebones and it’s meant to elicit more feedback from you all. The tricky part is all the UX :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, and keep the rabbit holes coming!




That is way faster than what BIM 360 has!


It looks really great, thank you :+1: … I am verry exited to try it and I already have some ideas on how to use this even to control changes of every user when working in collaboration and using a central model in revit :star_struck:

Some feedback that comes to my mind:

  • I’m not sure about the “additional view changes button”. It keeps it simple during the selection but maybe it is better to have it in a separate function people can enter and exit. Need to have a hands-on to get a feeling.

  • I like the coloring of the element category in your text field

  • Might be good to have an easy way for the selection to not confuse people, what old and new is. Solibri has for example the issue, that you are able to confuse old and new version, which might be confusing … to resolve it, it says you have a wrong timestamp in the version. I don’t know how it works on your end, but it might be good to automatically assign the older version as the initial version to be compared against and the newer version as the one to show the difference. Change is a complex topic ^^

  • I don’t know if the slider is ideal … need to test that to have a feeling. Switching it is definitely a good idea. Showing the rest ghosted helps. This function should work similarly to your viewer though, even if you did not show the ghosting in your video.

  • making those changes be usable inside of the comment function might be interesting for documentation and communication

  • More of a connector thing: Autodesk still struggles to show Autodesk Construction Cloud changes inside of Revit. They will release a functionality for it maybe at the end of this year or next spring. This topic is also kind of a long time on their backlog. It might be a killer feature to introduce changes inside of Rhino/Revit etc.


On the in host app diff side, we’re less keen from a strategic point of view. If you send stuff to Speckle, diff mode (view changes) should work on models from anywhere (pending future testing). For sure it works with Rhino models. Our most desired outcome would be to send things in Speckle, and view diffs there.

When we get to revamping DUI, we’ll be able to bring the viewer in, similar to @connor’s excel moves, and then we can open this part of the discussion again as well.

I gotchu, typing away to get this alpha wrapped up :slight_smile:

That’s for sure the plan, including in this early release. Leaving comments in diff mode will be tied to it.



I agree that it makes sense to expose the diffing magic in the web app. It will help to make the front end the place where collaboration can flourish and release people from their vendor lock in cages (was that to dramatic? :thinking:).
Further enhancing the commenting capabilities with a status (e.g. open / assigned to X / in progress / resolved), measurements, sketches, etc. (which was discussed somewhere else on the forum) will further extend collaboration possibilities on the web.

Would it be an option to label the two commits as Old and New instead of A and B? Based on the commit time stamp the label could be decided. You can’t see the whole time stamp of the commit, but with an Old and New label it probably doesn’t matter that much.

This is merely a question to see how others think about it, but would it be valuable to split the modified category into “modified geometry” and “modified meta data”?

Looking forward to give it a spin!

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Makes sense, and it also simplified the code a bit. Done!


I agree with the diffing magic in the web realm, but in the end, the actual work (change implementation) happens in the authoring tools (with the vendor lock shackles attached to the knees and tears in the eyes of the designers). Of course, the frontend aids the communication of the change, but this is only a small portion of the whole thing (still a very important portion though). I would not exclude the authoring tool completely.

Anyway looking forward to see this killer feature running in the wild :slight_smile:


Have you seen any sneak peeks of this, or is it a rumour? Do you have other authoring apps where this exists?

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For now, I have not seen anything released so far. I’m referring to this … which is more like a loose intent

Independent of the vagueness it would tackle a big issue.

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Y’all in this thread, happy to say the very very WIP version of this made its way to


It has not been tested extensively - and it’s more of a provocation/demo of what you can do with the viewer’s diff api. Feedback appreciated! If it fails with some models and cases, please do let us know. Keen to expose it to more than just the bunch of revit and rhino files i’ve tested it against :slight_smile:


This is really Awesome, thank you.
I have only one subjection to add, if we can export a report of the elements after selecting them and their status, this will be perfect :+1:


I figured something like this was coming, and indeed it’s a very good idea! My initial thoughts were to put the export button here:

More important question though: what would you want this exporting functionality to look like? Specifically:

  • what format? pdf, excel?
  • what information? just the summary that we display already, or more detailed?
  • should we add the information around who authored the changes? (e.g., the early version is by you, the other one is by me?)
  • should it contain a screenshot of the current view?

Would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have some examples that you can share, do so!