Chat's Out of the Bag: Goodbye, Chat!

Hey everyone,

We’re ending Speckle Chat. It just isn’t cutting it for support—too many initial issues need separate threads anyway—and it’s not a great hangout.

We want to give you the best support possible, so please stick to our dedicated support channels and forums for any questions or problems.

Thanks for understanding and being awesome!


*Speckle has left the group


@jonathon is there thoughts about a replacement? Was discord an option?

We’ve used Slack and Discord in the past. Asynchronous threads and answers have been best for us. It’s suitable for in-forum search and future googleers seeking the same advice and inspiration already available. :mag_right:

We take great pride in being one of the most responsive teams in the AEC tech space, with premium support for free that should cause larger incumbents to blush. :blush:

Everything posted here is synced back to Speckle HQ, so never fear; our team’s eyeballs are on every raised issue. The chat here just didn’t cut it. :spockle_smirk:


Well I don’t think anyone can argue about that :stuck_out_tongue:

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