Discord chat server

I’m a contributor for several open source projects, and I’ve noticed the best ones are on Discord. Having the possibility to actually chat with people in real time is a real community enabler, so I was wondering if you guys thought about doing the same.

I can imagine that you maybe don’t like it, so feel free to say so. Also, some are on Gitter, but those clients are buggy.

Anyhow, would love to chat to you guys and actively contribute to the code. Great work so far!


Hi @promontis! We used to have a slack group with quite a few people, and we’ve mothballed it mainly because of the free plan limit (kept answering the same questions over and over…). We’re usually responsive on discourse, and at least here, there is some accumulation of knowledge.

We were discussing internally to open up a contributors only channel in our company’s discord. Let’s see! We’re just getting back from our retreat, so we’ll coordinate soon!


Yeah, take your time :hugs:

Would love to join any chat service if you guys have any (in the future)

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