Can't acces speckle stream in qgis

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Hey @fff

If you clear the text box with contours in it, and click search, do all your Project Streams appear in a list below?

Is the one you want one of them?

No Project Streams appear in the list.
Thank you

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Just to make sure, do you have any streams in

yes, I have one stream

Hi @fff ! From what I can see, you are getting a yellow label with a warning when you click “Search”. It means the query sent to the server returned an exception.
We can try to figure out the root of the issue by calling the same query manually. Try opening Plugins-> Python Console, and paste the code below (preserving all the line breaks) and see whether it returns the list of the Streams that you are looking for, or gives an exception.

import specklepy
from specklepy.api.client import SpeckleClient
from specklepy.api.credentials import get_local_accounts

query = ""
speckle_accounts = get_local_accounts()
for i, acc in enumerate(speckle_accounts):
        speckle_client = SpeckleClient(acc.serverInfo.url, acc.serverInfo.url.startswith("https"))
        results =