QGIS Inner exception: Transport is already connected

I´m also unable to access my streams and the code up above gives me this error

also when i create any new steams in qgis i get this error

addnewstream error

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Hi @Nico_Mehl !

This is a known issue, caused, most likely, by other installed plugins using the same set of libraries as Speckle, but in a different version. You can try creating a different User profile with no other plugins (Settings-> User Profiles), or wait for Monday, when a new (2.17.0-alpha) experimental version will be available for installation. In that version, Speckle will detect the versioning clash and offer to upgrade the libraries for you.

Regarding the error that QGIS Python console is throwing, it does happen is some versions with the interactive Python interpreters. If you need to run any code again, you can wrap that code into a function and call it later via single line, e.g.:

def do_everything(variable1, variable2):
    # all the code goes here, WITHOUT line breaks

do_everything("cats", "dogs") # line break after the previous function 

Hope this helps!

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