Beta Testing Features

Hello @Community !

We are building Speckle for our industry at large and want everyone to have a say on our upcoming features, roadmap, and help us find any bugs that might slip into our releases.

From today, it’ll be even easier for you to do so. We’re going to trial a Speckle Tester Program!

Why Join the Speckle Tester Program?

By joining the tester program, you’ll have a huge say in our upcoming features & releases and help us deliver a better Speckle!

Here’s a summary:

  • get access to bleeding-edge releases
  • have a say on upcoming features before they are released
  • contribute to our roadmap
  • help us make a better speckle by finding bugs and issues
  • get dedicate support & 1-1 chats with our developers

How does the Speckle Tester Program work?

It’s very simple: you’ll get access to our bleeding-edge releases and will be able to use them to explore new versions before they make it into a stable release.

You can then report any findings, suggestions, or bugs on our forum.

Web & Server

For the web and server, you’ll get access to our own testing instance. You’ll need to create a new account for it and afterwards, you’ll be able to use it exactly as our production server (which is available to everyone).

:warning: IMPORTANT :warning:
Do not use the test server in production, it’s not being backed up and might suffer from downtime / data losses.


You can already install beta versions of our connectors from Manager; see the instructions on our guide.
All our connectors provide a way to switch between accounts, so hopefully managing the production and test accounts won’t be a pain :wink:

How To Join

To join the program, simply let us know by replying to this forum thread, we’ll then send you an invite to our Testing Server.

Additional notes


If you’re a developer, you might have already built all our source code from the latest main commits.

In any case, we’d love to hear from you too! Especially around the usability of our SDKs and APIs.

We’re building Speckle for end-users and developers alike!

Roadmap & Changelog

Our roadmap and changelog are being regularly updated, you can check them out on the pages below:

Enterprise Deployments

We include a testing server in all our enterprise deployments, so you can of course use that instead of ours, as they are updated at the same time.

Just ask your internal Speckle person for access!


Hi @teocomi,

Great idea! I would love to be a part of it.:family_man_woman_girl_boy:


Will send you an invite as soon as we publish there our latest frontend, so you can check it out! :fire:

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Woot woot! Add me in :robot:


I’ve sent an invite to both, we should be rolling out a preview of various frontend updates tomorrow :rocket:

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Got my invitation💌. Thanks🖖!

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I’m interested in taking part in this too! :globe_with_meridians: :grinning:

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Got my invite, thanks!
Do I need to create a new account to access the Speckle Latest (dev) Speckle Server?
or should I be able to use my “original” account that I set up when I first joined Speckle?(this option isn’t working, I’m getting an error: “invalid credentials”).

Oh good point! I should have mentioned it, yes, you need to make a new account for the test server.
All our connectors provide a way to switch between accounts, so hopefully managing multiple accounts won’t be a pain :wink:
Thanks for your help!

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Can you send me an invitation, plz!

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Welcome Amadeu!
Invite sent! In case you didn’t know, we also have stable version at:

Super, I’m interested!. Can you send me an invitation.

On its way! Feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 if you’d like.
Also, remember to use XYZ for any production work :wink:

Great initiative @teocomi! I would love to become a Speckle Tester, so please send an invitation :nerd_face:

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Invited! Keen to hear your thoughts on the Activity Stream & Frontend updates !


Greg Please, he was told he must provide 20 characters :slight_smile:

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Great idea to have a tester program! Sign me up!

Nice initiative! I would like to become a Speckle Tester as well.

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All invited! I’ll also make a forum group with you guys later :slight_smile:

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:wave:Hey @Testers! We’ve just pushed a rather big frontend update to latest that solves some issues, improves mobile layout and makes way for future UI extensibility:

We’d appreciate if you gave it a go, and please drop screenshots in here if you encounter any issues :raised_hands: