AutoCAD connector fatal error

In AutoCAD 2021 I get the following error after installing the Speckle AutoCAD connector:

Any suggestions on what to do?

Ouch! When are you getting it specifically? When sending / receiving or after opening the connector?

When I start AutoCAD I get this error. I’m not able to open a drawing or anything.
When I remove the Speckle AutoCAD connector with the Speckle manager, I don’t get this error and AutoCAD seems to work properly.

PS Thank you for starting a new topic!

Can you please try with v2.0.5 that we just pushed?
We did spot a new issue that was being thrown at startup… And thanks for reporting!

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It’s alive! Thank you!
Small comment: the polyline visualisation in the Speckle 3D web viewer doesn’t match the AutoCAD line. Maybe because the last point in the polyline is not the starting point.


The AutoCAD/Civil3d connector is still in very early days, but feel free to keep reporting here your findings and we’ll investigate!

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Ok this is a weird one.

I had Autocad 2022. Everything was fine, but one day when i click one tab to switch from a cad to another i got this fatal error.

Fatal error 6C66E086h

I didn’t know what it was, but everytime i swtich tabs from cad to another, this error appeared.

I tested my Autocad 2020 and it didn’t have that issue.
I then decided to uninstall this Autocad 2022 version and change it to test the 2021 and had the same problem.

After countless tests, I decided to uninstall Speckle connector… and the problems went away :eyes:
I hope it’s not something wrong, but maybe check it out.

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Hmm, this does sound a bit weird. Which version of the Autocad Speckle connector did you have installed, and did the Autocad file tabs you were switching between have any streams saved previously (especially from the old connector interface)?

I’m using the last one, i think: 2.4.0
I wasn’t using Speckle at all.

I just tested it and it happened again. (by installing again the Speckle connector to Autocad)

I was scrubbing through autodesk forums and this appeared to be a problem in Autocad years before.

But when i uninstall Speckle Autocad connector, the problem disappear.

Thanks for the report @Johan_Navarro_MA and sorry for the hassle!
We’ll definitely look into this, and since we cannot replicate on our end we might ask you to test a new release once that’s available, if you have the time.

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Hi @Johan_Navarro_MA !

I couldn’t replicate this error, but did add some general safeguards for our connector when changing windows or documents. The updates will be packaged with our upcoming release - I’ll ping you again when it’s out, it would be great if you can check if this is still a problem for you at that point!


Thanks. I’ll be checking this out!.

Update. I have tested speckle again in my Autocad and this problem has been solved. :smiley: :smiley:

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