Constant AutoCAD connector fatal errors

I got a terrible update for this. It’s not solved. I get constants fatal errors like never before once in a while. I had to uninstall the speckle AutoCAD connector.

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Do you have anything more for us to go on?

I really love this plugin, but it throws me fatal errors. After a couple of times of me switching tabs or maximizing AutoCAD it just crashes. Everything else functions normally. This has happened to me on different computers with different AutoCAD versions (2021 and 2024). I’ve update my connector dozens of times, but it keeps happening. Now that I’ve uninstalled this AutoCAD connector. the fatal errors disappeared.

Could you test if you can replicate this behavior in your end?

Hi @Johan_Navarro_MA ,
This may be due to a document switching error: we will be releasing 2.19 shortly, and it includes some stability improvements - we’ll make sure to test Autocad to see if the crash issue persists

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