Archicad Connector Issue trying to send to newly created branches


I noticed an archicad connector issue popping up in the 2.16 release candidates. When creating a branch from the Archicad connector UI and trying to send to it, the connector seems to be working and sending everything with no error msgs, but the data does not end up in the newly created branch: it doesnt appear anywhere in the stream.

This is fairly consistent behaviour and to workaround i had to send to main and then move the stream to the branch created by the connector from the webUI. Sending directly to the said branch does not seem to work?

On completing the send, where does the success popup link send you? Or is it to nowhere (broken link), as you describe?

When you create the branch, is the branch populated in the UI? We have seen cases where special characters in the branch name have caused the branch not to be set, and then without realising, one can send somewhere unexpected.

Int he Project stream activity log, can you see those missing sends presented?

  1. i’m not 100% on the sucess popup. I dont remember seeing any send complete popup but the progress bar showing on the button was working as normal . Tried replicating this now on the xyz server, but seems to work fine. WIll keep an eye out for next time i see it again

  2. Branch is populated in the UI but not set as the default send destination (stays on main), i have to pick it from the dropdown menu. No special characters in the branch name.

  3. Project activity log did not show any of the send attempts, but it does show the branch being created right before the send.

Helpful clarifications for sure

  1. Is a glitch in behaviour I have seen before with two unfortunate outcomes. Because the DUI doesn’t capture all possible keystrokes I have also sent things to unusual places - never nowhere though.

  2. I will check with the Archcad team if there is some fallback happening where the branch is incorrectly set, not change the UI and the data isn’t successful because the branch attempted target isn’t either of the two

If you do replicate on xyz in any form then we’ll dig in the logs.

Hey! More info on this one and its weird:

Error seems to be related to branch creation from the AC UI?

There are alot of graphQL requests that do execute before eventually terminating with this error.
A branch called archicad populates both in the AC UI and in the Webviewer but does not actually exist? I know the branch actually exists because there is a commit in it from earlier

Not sure what to make of it.

Hey @Andrei what’s the URL of the page you have screenshotted?

Could you try deleting the archicad branch and creating it again?

URL is If i click the branch name in the UI to the left, the URL doesnt change but the commit suddently pops up in the window. The page that sais branch doesnt exist was opened via the AC speckle UI

Thanks, this seems like a bug in the frontend!
As we’re soon moving to a new frontend it might not be worth investigating… Did deleting and re-creating help?