Adding three.js mesh into Speckle Stream (Speckle Data Schema/ Exporter)

I checked out Chloe’s hackathon project of loading Speckle stream into three.js using SpeckleLoader. I am adding few meshes in the scene. Any recommendations on how I can add these meshes in the stream. (Three.js scene to Speckle data schema converter ??). Thanks

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Apologies @Mayur_Mistry2, this definitely slipped through the cracks over the winter break.

Now that I have seen your new exciting venture - is this still a question left hanging you’d need answers for?

I understand you are joining us in person for the IRL Speckle Party in London - 26th April perhaps we cant talk mesh commits there :smiley:

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Really appreciate @jonathon. Appreciate your time and effort. At some point, I would love to integrate Speckle in my app. Would definitely bug you at that time. I wont be able to make IRL party in person due to some reason.

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We’re here to support when you are ready.