IRL Speckle Party in London - 26th April

Hey @Community! We’re planning a little get together - In Real Life, In Real London. It’s been ages since we met at scale in person, and, yeah, we miss you! If you miss us too, let us know you’re coming by registering below:

We’re keeping this one simple. It’s happening as a social networking break at the end of the first day of Shape to Fabrication - nibbles and drinks are on us somewhere close by. Planning to make this as a more humorous counterpart to a rather serious day of talks, so if you want to relax and stretch with some banter on… AEC, BIM Bingo, ISO 90001-x, How Much Life Sucks, 3D Data, etc. - join us!

The TL;DR:

  • Date: 26th of April, 6.30pm onwards
  • Where: TBD in Marleybone, close to S2F (posh place!)
  • Agenda: Bite-sized BIM Bingo Session, Anti-Demo breakout chats, Gossip Panel, etc. - suggestions welcome!
  • FREE DRINKS & NIBBLES - you can’t say no now :slight_smile:

Why are we organising this? Well, Speckle’s mission is to enable multiplayer mode for 3D design - so why not organise a multiplayer party IRL, like the good old days?

PS: Both having a laptop and attending the Shape To Fabrication conference are optional!

Don’t forget to register! Let us know if you’re planning to come, and if you expect to see something from us specifically - we’re planning to make it a chill evening otherwise :beers:


Looking forward to this! :partying_face:


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