Would anyone please give a revit model for testing

Would anyone please give a revit model for testing… :pray:

This is the most recent Revit 2024 sample model in Speckle:


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Great !

But I notice heavy “Z-fighting” artifacts and flickering in viewer.
Are there duplicated Walls (?)
With the Section Box cutting horizontally in use it gets worse,
with the Floors.

I am curious if there is really “Z-fighting” of Faces because of duplicate elements
or is it a general “OpenGL” problem of too less accuracy that it could deal with
the distances of near Faces at large scales/when zoomed out,
like for e.g. 5 cm Floor packages above the Slab and such …


for 3D View Navigation, I would love to have an option to adapt the navigation
by left/middle/right mouse buttons + ALT/SHIFT/CTRL keys,
according to some of the 10.000nds of “industry standards” :wink:

(Some use 3 mouse buttons only, some use a single (middle) mouse button + keys
and some a combination of all)

E.g. I personally would prefer the Blender and Bricscad way, which is by middle mouse
button only and modifier keys.

But only if something like that is possible at all and not much effort.

For this model, it seems there are some Areas that are displayed and perfectly intersect with walls and other geometry.
I’ve also noticed Rooms do a similar thing.

In Blender and Unity connectors we made the decision that Rooms receive fully, but are disabled/hidden by default.


Ah, OK.

But from outside, the building exterior walls only blink in 2 Stories, not all (?)

I had problems with Z-fighting of objects although having a distance between faces
in the past with e.g. a 3D App like Cinema4D.
That was usually a problem of geometry being too far from file origin.
(Same as for Vectorworks)

So if I get that correct,
artifacts and blinking have a valid reason and are not caused by any limits of the
web viewer …

Yes, it is coplanar surfaces that cause this and plague many an application. Navisworks struggles with the exact same issue.

As would I to be fair.

If we chase that preference we’ll never make anyone happy - I’ve seen standup fights over whether Rhino’s is better or 3ds max

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Yes, that’s why I meant optionally - to choose from certain App behaviors.

But that would mean general Speckle Web “App” Settings, provoke endless
wishes for customizations …
(Fonts, Font sizes, UI colors, Navigation, Structure Tree orders, …)

So it was just an idea - with not the highest priority.

Just when you use multiple CAD and 3D Software, you are pleased of some of
them using the same navigation scheme and some having even options to adapt that,
so that you get a few of them synchronous in View Navigation.
(E.g I was pleased that Blender, Twinmotion and Bricscad work the same way and at least
Vectorworks works nearly similar.
Like switching from Twinmotion to Unreal is a real nightmare for me. TM is like CAD rotating
the object while Unreal is game mode from POV/helicopter/walk through mode.

In Modo there was an option to map the navigation and short cuts to different Apps like
my former 3DSMax behavior.
Allowed me to enter Modo easily - but soon showed that this way I block other important
short cuts and that the native Modo way makes more and real sense …

So if there would be an easy way to choose from different View Navigation behaviors
or setups, that would be great for me.
If that isn’t applicable - not a real problem.

Well good news.

Viewer 2.0 is extendible to the point where you can build your own interactions (on your own site)

or another way

if you develop a really cool interaction extension, open source it and share with others AND Speckle

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Of course I would love to exactly do so.

And I am aware that most on this forum are developers or really
software affine people.
But I am a mere Mac, 3D and CAD user with limited cognitive skills
for abstraction or maths, being ever capable contribute to Speckle
as some others externals impressively do, beside just testing it.

So unfortunately, view navigation was just something I noticed and
asked a shy feature request to ask for interest …

When everyone gets their teeth into the new era, no doubt someone will hear your plea :wink:

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